Bel Air, MD: Bodyrolls, Tosses, & Other Off-Body Magic

Image of Bel Air, MD:  Bodyrolls, Tosses, & Other Off-Body Magic


My newest workshop focuses on some of the off-body techniques that have been obsessing me over the last year or so: bodyrolls, balances, behind-the-back tosses, escalators, wedgies, and axial passes.

We will start with balances and bodyrolls--rolling the hoop across the chest, back, arms, and trunk from one point to another, carrying the point through space, finding variations in how and where to release, and how to set up for the cleanest rolls possible. Bring your variations! We will work on horizontal tosses that use backspace: throwing the hoop across the space behind the head and back where we cannot see. We will practice some of these tosses blindfolded and see how much better our technique gets! We will get some practice finding the common features between escalators and wedgies, and examine some ways we can get the hoop around our bodies using these methods. And we will work on passing the hoop around the body on its vertical axis-- using the core as a second contact point.

If all this sounds super-techy, not to worry! As usual in my classes, we will look at techniques very closely at first, slowing things way down so that we can get a solid foundation and begin layering different textures over that foundation.

If you have already begun doing simple off-body moves like tossing and weaving, you will be fine in this workshop. Bring an off-body hoop to work with (usually smaller and lighter than your core hoop), and bring a blindfold to get that extra sixth sense goin! I will have some extras but it will be good to have your own.



BEL AIR, MD 21015