Austin, TX: Core Hooping Intensive

Image of Austin, TX:  Core Hooping Intensive


This 3-hour workshop will immerse you in the joys and rigors of core hooping! "Core hooping" means any technique in which the hoop is revolving around the core--i.e. shoulder hooping, angle aka vertical hooping, breaking & paddling, sustained spinning, and waist, head, neck, and leg hooping.

Core hooping as a technique has taken a backseat in recent years since we have seen the explosion of off-body techniques such as escalators and wedgies. I love it all, but for me core hooping has been the soul of my dance since the very beginning. I learned to hoop on my waist with a 45-inch "gentle giant" core hoop, which talked to my body in the language of mass and momentum, teaching me how to dance by pushing and pulling me through space.

I believe we can all benefit from immersing ourselves in the spinning hoop, and extend our dance from the front-facing good-for-the-camera angle into all dimensions, allowing ourselves to be pulled into the ecstatic whirl we see in the practice of Sufi dervishes. I believe that within our hoops we can find a physical center that may help us find an emotional and spiritual center--that we might more easily find balance in our lives outside the hoop by finding dynamic balance within it. And at the very least we can find more texture and expressiveness in our dance by expanding more intentionally into core hooping--particularly if we have been (secretly or not-so-secretly) avoiding it.

Anyone who is hooping on the waist and shoulders is ready for this immersion class-- we will move through each technique with deliberation, allowing for different levels of experience and practice. I will provide alternative exercises for newer hoopers as well as folks with more experience. So each exercise will have at least a couple of versions you can try, no matter what skill level you find yourself at right now.

Bring your most comfy core hoop/s-- I will have a few extra!



AUSTIN, TX 78702