Private Lessons with Ann--Any Level--90 Minutes

Image of Private Lessons with Ann--Any Level--90 Minutes


If you are looking for more specific and personal guidance towards how to open up your hoop practice, private lessons are one of my favorite ways to teach! Through my years of solo teaching, I've learned that nothing is quite as satisfying as helping a hooper find and release unconscious or half-conscious movement patterns that might be standing in the way of full freedom and expression in her dance.

I will give you my undivided attention and focused feedback tailored specifically to your hoop needs. Core hooping is my specialty, but I love working with off-body technique as well. I will meet you exactly where you are, regardless of skill level. I have worked with expert hoopers as well as absolute beginners. I love it all!

Contact me at ann at lineandcircle dot com to schedule your private lesson North Carolina, along the route of any of my upcoming tour stops, OR via Skype!